I really like how you state your sexuality as undefined (on your other blog)... I´m a girl myself and mostly attracted to other girls, but not because of the fact that they're girls but because of their personality. That's why I don´t want to label my sexuality because I can fall in love with anyone if I am attracted to their personality... It's really not about the gender of the person but about who they are .... Am I right? xoxo

Yeah, you’re totally right! :D I really hate to label myself because of that. So that’s why, most if the time when people ask me what my sexuality is, I just tell them that I’m not into labels. But not everyone accept it as an answer, because many people need a label to define others or themself. So people who know what pansexual means, will mostly call you a pansexual, if you tell them how you feel. Others will call you a bisexual or just a lesbian when in a relationship with a girl.

Anyway, just let people think what they want and label you, because they always will. The most important thing is that you know who you really are and as long as you feel comfortable with yourself, it doens’t matter what other people say!

You’ve all my respect if you feel comfortable with yourself, even though you don’t label yourself… “Labels are for cloths, not for people”!

Much love!